Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wherein I almost get put in Juvi...

In the state of Mississippi one must go to the truancy office to fill out a card stating that you are homeschooling your children in order to legally have them not enrolled in the public school system. The deadline for this is September 15th and the only thing you legally have to put on there is your child's name and address.

So, normally, I have filled my cards out before our public schools ever start back. This year I've had a wee bit going on and only just remembered yesterday evening that I've failed to do this yet. Today, I set out to get this done and made my way to the Juvenile Center where our truancy officer has their office. Yes, Juvi. As in, you must go through the metal detectors, past the armed officer to get your cards to fill out. The children decided last year that they would prefer not to go with me again as last year I fortuitously chose a court day unknowingly. It was not a pretty site or experience.

This year, I did luck out and arrived on a day & time where I was the only one in the waiting area. Until they walked in. They, being a grandmother, mother and young girl. They needed two cards and each of the older ladies proceeded to fill out their cards. At some point, the mother says to anyone listening that she cannot remember her address and she asks her daughter. I thought that it was a "teaching/learning" moment, until the daughter replies, "Mom, you know I'm not smart enough to remember that kind of stuff!" I did not engage in conversation. I am just nonsocial like that. This did not stop the younger lady from talking to me.

She asked if I belonged to the local Christian homeschooling group. I replied that no, I did not and that I'd chosen to join a group called PEAK, which is an all-inclusive group. Yes, I used that term. No, she did not know the definition. Yes, she asked. Yes, I explained that it boiled down to my group accepting all people, no matter what their religious affiliation, or lack thereof. This means that we have Episcopalians, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and even those that chose not to believe in a higher power at all. Yes, I said all of this with a smile and used my ma'ams when called for.  - Crickets could be heard chirping. - Large, looming eyes staring at me. - Indrawn breath. - Silence.

I continue to fill out my cards and figure that would be the end of that.  Instead, she actually asked how much it was to join this group. Me - free. She asked how she could contact them. I replied that we have an online forum and a Facebook page. - Silence. Large, looming eyes again. - She then informs me that they don't believe in using those computers. (As if, you know, spawn of satan would come through a keyboard.)

At this point, I lose all sense of proper social etiquette and any desire to attempt such. I explain that I really don't feel our group is for her. She really needs to stick to the Christian group where her required statement of faith will give her some semblance of backbone. I know people in that group, some of them I consider friends and some not. I tell her she will fit in just fine there and that PEAK is not for her and her closed mindedness.

I am now done filling out my cards. I get up, walk to the bullet proof window and hand over my cards to the young lady who is laughing her so hard she can hardly speak. I apologized to her for any disruption, which she answers with, "Honey, you have made my day!"

Before I can make it out the door, I hear the mother asking where to put the curriculum that they will be using. The desk lady explains that she can just write in Abeka, Sonlight, etc. at the bottom of the form. The mother explains that they are using the exact same books as our public county schools.  - HUH? WTH? Why would you choose to use the exact same books as public schools at your house? No, I do not ask these out loud. See previous nonsocial statement.

I walked out, got in my Honda and realized that the good Lord I believe in had just clearly answered one of my prayers. I had been thinking of joining the local Christian homeschool group because they have a wider range of children whose ages are close to my kids. I truly feel the Lord told me today that this is not the group for me. In no uncertain terms. I also feel that there were those looking down at this thinking, crap! I was looking forward to the fireworks when she joined that group! ;) I am also fairly certain that my mom got called to the "office" on this one. Knit for Knot Mom, please come to the office. Knit for Knot is at it again!

Take care - Me

PS - I know that there are some things that I will be blogging about on here soon. Right now, I am not really in the mood to start talking about the cancer journey again. For those who don't know, my Dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the abdominal wall and lungs. Three years ago, we lost my mother to pancreatic cancer. I am on the same road as then basically, just a different view.