Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wisconsin Trip 2008, ver1

Well, we've made it 11 hours north to Lincoln, IL. We'll travel another 7 hours tomorrow. So far so good. :) Of course, we've not dealt with any family yet. Also, I'm updating now, as most likely tomorrow we will not have any cell phone service, much less high-speed internet access. Here's a sample of a few pics taken today on the way up. Unfortunately, I'm having to use a pc and it's not mac user friendly!

Take care - Me

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

List No. 527...

On and on.

Pack my clothes and kids' clothes, get together items for the Wisconsin memorial, get money market check book to pay for graveside services and stone, deal with house construction issues, laundry, laundry, laundry, get stuff together for employee cookout, write up one employee's last check, go through applications to replace before mentioned employee, get stuff ready for the next two weeks at the store while I'm gone, pack, laundry, get Charlie's meds, get my meds, finish volcano offering plates for vacation bible school, and on and on... Oh yeah - don't forget Mother!! (in the urn)

Take care - Me

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look Ma, No Stitches...

Yes, I did attempt to pass out. I do that. I'm a fainter. It's sad really, I can watch my son and husband drive extremely fast. I watched my Mother with tubes draining fluids, getting shots, being sick. I can clean my children's wounds that are gushing blood and not get even queasy. But let my dog get shot/run over, my husband's wisdom teeth taken out or apparently my stitches taken out and I'm out. Cold. I did have the foresight to warn the doc that I'm a fainter and then to inform him mid-de-suturing that I was fine, I was moments from passing out but that was OK, just get the rest of them while I was passed out. He didn't feel as strongly about letting me pass out, so he raised my knees, lowered my head, place cool, wet cloth on my head and then finished taking them out. I felt every single one of them. Most did not feel good.

Take care - Me

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thumbs and Books...

My thumb: Still attached, one path report back, waiting on others. Hopefully, I will get the stitches out tomorrow.

I realize that this sounds very ho-hum, but THIS is now out, in my possession and I will be inaccessible for the next 4-5 hours as I read it. In completion. The children will go unfed, unbathed and unless there is blood involved, generally unattended.

Take care - Me

note: 8:21 pm - It took me a bit longer than expected. While there was no blood, there were interruptions that could not be delayed. Now I'm off to re-read the other 13+2 books of the series, then this one again. Life is great!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Life threatening creature...


Or, as I like to call it - life threatening creature.

So, I was on the phone with Jennie the other night when I spotted LTC in my yard. I mentioned it to her, then watched it drift across the bottom of the yard. I even joked to Jennie about the dog, Fred, laying there and not seeing it. We continued our conversation until I happened to notice the LTC had started drifting in my direction. In a not-so-drifting manner. In fact, it did look to be picking up speed. As it came toward me. I think I joked about being chased by the thing. Then. OH SHIT. It's coming right at me! The dog, by the way, is still laying in the driveway and not noticing my distress.

I hurriedly make my way around the jacuzzi and tub enclosure sitting in my carport to notice that the LTC is coming right on in with me! Again, OH SHIT. The cat is now following the LTC who seems to be following me. I am now laughing, cussing, tripping, trying not to drop my phone and pee on myself as I make my way into the house to tell Speedy to come here! Jennie, of course, is getting the entire play by play as all of this is going on, because honestly, this has got to be better than anything on TV.

The dog did manage to come check it out after I ran into the house, but after getting hissed at, promptly took off for under the Honda. The cat took off to eat the dog food. Johnny came out and was able to chase it a couple of feet away. At which point the thought - "Blog Fodder!!" - went through my head. I rushed inside (Yes, Jennie is still on the phone with me) got my camera and captured the horrible beast on "film."

I have proof. I also will probably feel less guilty the next time I hit one on the road.

Please note, the pictures are not the best, but as I still have stitches in my thumb, I was commentating to Jennie and attempting to operate the camera, I think they'll do.

Take care and watch out for raging opossum - Me

Thursday, June 12, 2008

9 Years...

I love you.

I love you for putting up with my craziness - good and bad. I love you for being there for me this past year in ways I never could have hoped for. You hold my hand, wipe my tears and make me smile, usually all within moments of each other and I love you for that. I love that you back me up when times get tough. I love that you are the other half that makes up our children and that they are more incredible for that.

I love that I am looking forward to many more shared years with you.

Happy 9 years.

I love you Speedy.

Friday, June 6, 2008

From Yesterday to Today...

** Warning - the following photos are mainly for my medically-minded friends.



The bone growth/pocket of "strange" white mass was sitting on a nerve bundle/artery. They were successful in removing it, hopefully the damaged nerve will regenerate in the near future. Pathology/labs will be known when I go for my return visit this next week.

Typing with one hand sucks.

Take care - Me

Monday, June 2, 2008

Why wait?

Why is it we wait until too late to realize the important things? You know,those things we think but never say. Why is it that it takes death knocking on the door for us to say the important things? I'm talking about the things we think but don't vocalize.

Here's some examples:

My sister - Mother would tell me how smart Sister is. She would go on and on about how gifted Sister is with kids. Especially the more troubled pre-teens. What a gift she would say. She would also tell me about how great a salesperson she is. And how so very proud she was of Sister. They may not see eye to eye on most things, but there was never any doubt in my mind of her love for Sister. Yet, it took Mother's diagnoises of cancer for them to come back together.

Aunt #1 - Aunt1 passed away a few years ago after fighting cancer. I don't know if Mother ever got to tell her how much Mother admired her. The ability she had to raise such a large family of her own and those she fostered. The smoothness with which she could glide over the dance floor. The ability to really listen. Mother admired all of that.

Aunt#2 - Mother really thought this sister of hers was very smart. Her ability with numbers was amazing to Mother. She admired her business sense and her dedication to her family.

Aunt#3 - This sister was closest to Mother in age and probably the one that Mother admired most. She has a heart bigger than the world and Mother also felt she is such a shrewd, smart business person. Mother always felt Aunt3 was beautiful - inside and out.

Aunt#4 - Mother's youngest sister. There's several years between them, but Mother was proud of her. Proud of her faith, proud of her wonderful creativity. Her ambition and zest for life Mother was also proud of.

Her Mother - Mother always went on about how strong her Mother was. How she could decorate a house so cute on very little money. How brave she was.

I don't know if Mother ever conveyed to these people how much she thought of them, or the things she admired about them. Probably, if she did, she waited until this past year to do it. After all, isn't that what we did to her? Wait to tell her the things we thought we great about her? Did she realize that what I thought was great about her is what she saw in her own family? That she had those same traits, yet couldn't see them in herself?

If you're wondering what she thought about me, she told me. She told me a few years ago at the same time I told her. We were going through a rough family time and I really wasn't certain we would be talking to each other much in the future, if at all. I wanted her to know what I saw in her - the good. The beauty, the business smarts, the giving heart, the strength, the bravery, the creativity and the whole goodness of her. Yes, I knew about the bad - we both did. There's no need in this life to bring up the bad. If it's happened, then it's the past. Period. Where you go from there is choice.

So, what did Mom see in me? Everything good I saw in her, multiplied times ten. Everything that I have trouble seeing in myself.

Stop seeing the bad, look for the good. Even if you have to look hard, look. Then tell them them the good. Today. Now. Don't wait for the chance to be taken away from you. They need to hear it and you need to say it.

Take care - Me