Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look Ma, No Stitches...

Yes, I did attempt to pass out. I do that. I'm a fainter. It's sad really, I can watch my son and husband drive extremely fast. I watched my Mother with tubes draining fluids, getting shots, being sick. I can clean my children's wounds that are gushing blood and not get even queasy. But let my dog get shot/run over, my husband's wisdom teeth taken out or apparently my stitches taken out and I'm out. Cold. I did have the foresight to warn the doc that I'm a fainter and then to inform him mid-de-suturing that I was fine, I was moments from passing out but that was OK, just get the rest of them while I was passed out. He didn't feel as strongly about letting me pass out, so he raised my knees, lowered my head, place cool, wet cloth on my head and then finished taking them out. I felt every single one of them. Most did not feel good.

Take care - Me

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tlm said...

I'm so glad for you that the stitches are gone. It looks much better now, and I hope it feels much better soon!