Wednesday, June 25, 2008

List No. 527...

On and on.

Pack my clothes and kids' clothes, get together items for the Wisconsin memorial, get money market check book to pay for graveside services and stone, deal with house construction issues, laundry, laundry, laundry, get stuff together for employee cookout, write up one employee's last check, go through applications to replace before mentioned employee, get stuff ready for the next two weeks at the store while I'm gone, pack, laundry, get Charlie's meds, get my meds, finish volcano offering plates for vacation bible school, and on and on... Oh yeah - don't forget Mother!! (in the urn)

Take care - Me

1 comment:

tlm said...

Please, please double-check the list before you leave. I know that we have met on the side of the road to exchange all sorts of things, but I really don't want to get the call that someone has got to get in the car, go to your house, pick up your Mother, and speed towards some exit ramp in the middle-of-nowhere to meet you!

Not to mention that if your Mother and I were in the same vehicle, NOT EVEN GARMIN could keep us from getting lost!