Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life, 40 and Facebook...

A friend of mine recently commented on the end of social media. Here's my response:

As you well know, I was not a social creature before the social networking phenomenon. I think that FB has helped me become a bit more social without the actual in person dealings with being such. FB allows one to be social without the invasion of personal space. I am a big proponent of personal space - large, in all directions personal space. There are very few people that I want around me in person, and even then, I'm somewhat relived when I have alone time. I live on a 4 way stop and there are times that I resent the people driving through because to me, they are encroaching on my personal space. I realize that this is not the healthiest way to feel, but I'm good with it. I would be perfectly happy to live in a location that could not see another building in any direction.

In a long, round about way, I'm saying that social media is here to stay. If nothing else, it has allowed family members that are separated by distance to keep up with each other without having to deal with the family neurosis of face time. Also, I like to think I'm not the only one who FB has helped become more social without the actual need to have personal, physical interaction with other people.

On his dealing with his birthday:

I've been 40 for  quite a few months now. No bullshit - it really doesn't bother me. Of course, I'm realistic in that I don't expect to live much past 60 due to family medical histories. Does that mean that I roll over and let the next 20 just pass me by? Hell to the no! Does it mean that I'm going bungee jumping or parachuting? Again, hell to the no! ;) What it means is that I appreciate the day I'm given - troubles, stress and all. I'm trying to recognize the good more than the bad and hold on to those memories more so than the stress.

Maybe if I hadn't been sitting at the bedside of my dad who was dying, the actual birthday would have hit me harder. As it was, I spent a miserable day understanding that I was quickly losing my remaining parent and the ever-present protector of me. I was Daddy's girl and while I didn't live with him, he was my cheerleader, supporter of ideas and protector of my safety. He was the last of the soundboards that understood me like none other. I spent the anniversary of my birth watching another parent lose the battle with cancer in a hospital room.

I have to go dry my tears now. After that, I'm getting back to living my life - one day at a time.

Take care - Me

PS - HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCUS!!! I love you and am very happy that you've made it to 40 and hope to celebrate your day of birth for many more years!! :) If it helps, just look at it as yesterday was Tuesday, today is just Wednesday, and tomorrow will be Thursday. Just like every week.