Thursday, January 29, 2009

Manna from Mobile...

Strange week at the tire store. The other day, before the two New Yorker's came in, we had a lovely couple from Mobile, AL getting a flat repair. Of course, I had to talk to them about Naman's and Carpe Diem. We had a great visit and they were soon on their way.

This morning, I am typing this with a slice of heaven, or tiramisu, in front of me. That couple brought me a piece after visiting Naman's yesterday. They wanted me to be able to eat it fresh, this morning with my coffee. Now, that is the way to start my Thursday morning! And that is what makes dealing with the public worth it.

Take care - Me

Monday, January 26, 2009

Strange days...

So, it's not often that I feel the need to post something that's happened at the tire store. However, this is something that some of you may find interesting.

Two guys had a blowout last night and were told to come to us this morning for a replacement. (They needed four tires of course. People just don't rotate & air them like they should.)

Anywho, come to find out, they're from New York, just outside the city. Close, very close, to where my cousin Cathy lives. They also work for Apple!! I do believe that they were surprised to see me pull out my iPhone when it rang, and further surprised to find out I do graphics on my MacBook Pro or my iMac and am still running files off my G3. They're a band called Head Trip Conception and had been to New Orleans playing a gig. I've linked to their name, or you can google them.

They've left me a demo CD but I haven't had a chance to listen yet. The description sounds interesting. They were very nice young men and I hope to listen to it shortly.

Take care - Me

Sunday, January 18, 2009

From computer to kart...

Racing season is almost upon us. Of our family of four, three will be racing. One is dedicated prayer, gray hair grower and photo taker. I'll let you decide who's who.

Here's the computer image I did using a photo of the kart in Illustrator before we started cutting the vinyl.

Here's the actual finished kart.

So, now it's off to work on Moosie's kart...

Oh yeah, I'll be going back to the hand specialist in Jackson Thursday to discuss another surgery. I'll keep you posted - hopefully better than I have been. :)

Take care - Me