Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Speaking of pot...

So, I was helping Moosie wash her hair the other evening and the following enlightening conversation took place:

Moosie: Ms. Teacher has a scratched throat

Me: Maybe she should try peppermint tea to help

M: I'll take her some if that's OK with you Mamma

Me: That's fine

M: Or I'll tell her about the pot smoke

Me: ....

M: You know, pot smoke

Me: Ummmm.... Moosie.... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!

M: You know, like the last time my throat was sore & you fixed me the pot smoke

Me: (eternally grateful her father is up working on the race car) Babe, I really can't remember that...

M: When you put that pot on the stove with your concoction in it & it smoked & I had to breathe it in...

Me: Oh, yeah - that pot smoke, sweety, please call it steam, that's STEAM when there's liquid that boils into vapor... Steam, not pot smoke

Have a great day.

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