Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We're off to see the wizard... oh wait, just Wisconsin

That's right folks, in under 24 hours my immediate family will be traveling north. North into the wild yonder. The land of hills (read mountains) and dairy cattle (read stinky stretches of roadway). I've even wrangled hubby into accompanying my children and me. Amazingly he's taken off work & is going. I'm quite certain that I will owe him BIG when this trip is said & done. After all, it's my mother's family that we'll be visiting. And they will be there in droves. Droves, I say. In fact, my mother has the smallest amount of children of the 5 daughters. Her oldest sister had 6 children and two of those have six children. And that's just two of my cousins from that one aunt. They obviously have not considered heating blankets vs. sex for getting warm in the winter. The whole north family procreates like you wouldn't believe!

Anywho - it's off to pack, wrangle car activities for the 18 hour drive, freeze bottles of water and find my Xanax. Oh, that's right, I don't have any. Well, it's off to pack all the boxes of Stress Mints, Moon Drops and Calms Forte that I can find.

Take care - Me

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