Saturday, January 12, 2008

Better than a Xanax...

What's that? Life got you down? Don't know how to handle all the junk life is throwing your way? Busy rushing around trying to figure out the latest loopholes in this year's taxes? Are your kids driving you up the wall and taking down the ladder? Have so much laundry that there's now just a path to walk through the house and all your family is having to run around in the old, dingy undies?

I have the solution. No, it won't do your taxes or clean your clothes. It will close your children's mouths and make you change your undies in a mere bite though.

Go here. Now. Right now. Make these. Then send me and the originator a thank you. 

And don't be a fool like I am - make the full recipe, do not cut it in half thinking you won't possibly need all that. You will. You definitely will.

Your welcome.

Take care - Me

1 comment:

Mike said...

I am so glad they turned out divine for the both of you. Can't wait to see you this weekend.