Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Palpable areas, dorsums, and ganglion cyst - oh my...

So, I met with the orthopedic dude today to go over the recent MRI. Basically I found out that it's not cancer and he has absolutely no freakin' clue as to what's causing these bone growths. They took some more blood to run tests for arthritis. He really doesn't feel it's that, but we might as well check for it. I'm on a predisone/ibuprofen regimen for the next bit, with a follow up appointment in one month. That is, as long as there aren't too many more new growths that show up before now and then. If, in a month, they are still there/bigger, then we'll move on to a hand specialist. I feel he's probably already looking up information about docs that might have some clue as to why a 37 year old would be suddenly sprouting new bone growth.

BTW - the ganlgion cyst that was found is not even in one of the areas bothering that hand. I had no clue anything was in that area.

Take care - Me

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