Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too busy to think of a title...

So, hang on, here it goes - the update of life.

Go Karts are ready to ride. I'll try to post pics of both as soon as I have a moment to breathe, maybe in a few years.

Kids did great at science fair. They're in the same category this year - microbiology. Moosie took 2nd & Rokimus took 1st. We'll be heading to State in a few weeks.

Hubby is doing great as he's still hanging on for the ride. :)

The store is down one employee (not owner yet) and I think we'll try to keep it that way for the next couple of months.

I'm having another surgery tomorrow in Big City with the hand doc I saw a couple of weeks ago. This means that I've been running around doing, as Marcus calls it, the flight of the bumblebee. All the things I know I will have trouble with for the next few weeks I have tried to get accomplished in the past week or so, and especially today. Floors, bathrooms, sheets, laundry, etc. Speedy & I will leave in the morning in time to drop the kids at school & then head over. He figures we'll be back tomorrow evening sometime. They will be sending whatever they get from the two spots being removed to pathology & I'll let you know when I get those results.

Hope everyone is doing well! And Shannon, yes, I saw Bruce's lovely slide into the camera and noticed that the cameras did not show him for the next few moments. LOL

Take care - Me

Oh yeah in the midst of all of this, it will be one year next week since Mother passed on. That is it's own blog entry within and of itself.

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cindy said...

Good luck with the surgery!