Friday, March 27, 2009

Where do these science genes come from?!

Rokimus, who placed first locally, won 2nd place in Div. 1, category microbiology.

Moosie, who placed second locally, won 1st place in Div. 1, category microbiology. She then went on to take Best of Fair for Div.1.

Division 1 consisted of first - third grades. Here is a brief write up about the event. I haven't been able to find the results anywhere, and while our school did not do as well as last year, we took both Best of Fair awards and I had a lady comment that we'd been the ones to "rack up." Not too shabby, but still not enough for me to stop researching home schooling.

Take care - Me


Robert said...

Fairhope has fantastic public schools.

Marcus said...

If I'm not mistaken, and my memory may be fuzzy here in middle age, you did attend a special school for the highly intelligent.

knitforknot said...

Robert - Until No Child Left Behind is demolished, no public school system will function to the highest benefit of all students. From the lowest to the highest. Unlike some of our friends, I do not believe the current system is just wonderful and that you can truly work within the system for the betterment of our children.

Marcus - I attended that school for the history, english and living away from home, even if I did ace Perry's geology and Valasek's ecology courses. :)