Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holy Cats!

I cannot believe it's been so long! Since I've joined the Facebook world, I guess I've just forgotten about the blogland.

We've been pretty busy, but things are going pretty good.

Last month found us in South Carolina for the Maxxis National Championship kart races. Rokimus made the show both days as did Moosie. (Moosie was in the beginner class, so all those karters were allowed to race the feature.) Moosie did not race Sunday as she felt it was not worth it if they weren't going to put transponders on the karts. (Transponders keep track of speed and racing positions.) Rokimus had some rough luck on both days of racing, but he kept on driving! It amazes me that he has such drive and heart for this sport. As soon as his jacket, gloves and helmet go on, he is one focused person! We have two more races on the schedule for this year. This weekend will find us in Brandon, MS at our first attempt for indoor kart racing. Both kids will race, with Rokimus racing in at least two classes, probably three. The following weekend will be a local track make up race for points. After that, I'll be racing to get the house work done that doesn't seem to get done during racing season.

I'm also planning for a trip next month to NEW YORK CITY!! :) I'm very excited and very nervous. As one who does not care for people invading my personal space, I feel it will be a very "learning" experience. We'll be there for about a week and plan to take in the Sony Wonder Lab, the Rockettes at Radio City, Lady Liberty (including the crown), not to mention the art museums and of course, the window displays! We're staying at the Hotel Beacon for most of the trip, so I'm thinking of getting us tickets to a show at the Beacon Theatre for one of those nights. Actually, just now, linking the Theatre, I've found a Cirque du Soleil performance at the WaMu that looks great!

I did have my hand doc appointment last month. He's released me. They are thinking that it's becoming an arthritic situation. Right now, there's not enough pain for me to see a specialist. Last week, I did have to get one finger sliced open due to an infection around my nail that puffed up and looked horrendous! It felt even worse. I'm on antibiotics for a few more days and the finger is much better!

So, really, besides the homeschooling, racing, trip-planning, working and minor health issues, life is good here. :)

Take care - Me

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What up, young sister!

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