Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Not so pissy, hopefully...

I've been told my previous post came across as high & mighty. The easy thing to do would be to delete the post or to just ignore that. I'm doing neither. It really aggravates me when posts are deleted.

What I am going to do is clarify a bit.

By no means do I think that I am better than another. I love reading political ideas posted on my friends blog and look forward to them. Even when I don't agree 100%, I like hearing ideas and reading things that make me think. He definitely does that & I greatly appreciate his zest for bettering our country.

The whole teaching the kids by example, do unto others, thing came from my own home life earlier in the day when the kids were attempting to get on my very. last. nerve. They were constantly berating each other and mocking each other - something I do not tolerate at all. I did not mean to come across as everyone who reads this (thanks all 4 of you for reading) should take up this for their own lives.

The grief thing has been clarified off blog. I will no longer hide that grief if I feel the need to blog about it. So be prepared. I think I'm really surprised with myself for continuing to have strong grief. I know that the average grieving period is four years, but I really thought I'd have a better handle on it. Maybe if I'd taken the time two years ago to really grieve it would be different. I didn't have that option though with having to run a business before, during and after Mother died. I do have anger issues that I'm trying to let go. I'll get there, it's just slower than I thought it would be. I am getting better with grief, I've been able to smile about a memory the kids brought up. I waited for the tears, but they didn't come. That's progress.

I will not apologize for saying that the politicians are evil. I think there needs to be a MAJOR house cleaning in Washington. They have become complacent, greedy and out of touch with what the majority of Americans are going through. I love Marcus' idea of having them make the same that their voters make! I also think they should not have the special medical services they do. They should have to pay for insurance like everyone else. All special treatments/benefits should be removed.

OK, I need to get off here now. Hopefully this will help clarify things and not come across as pissy as yesterday. :)

Take care - Me


Marcus said...

I must be getting old & mellow, as I didn't instinctively fly of the handle and write a response that I would probably regret. I actually sought input from a third party! And waited for a while!

You feel free to take all the time you need to reconcile your mother's death, and write as many paragraphs & pages as you find therapeutic. You aren't on a clock, and it doesn't matter what anybody says about supposed timelines. You had a big heaping serving platter of issues thrown on you involving your mom in the years just before she became ill, and then a whole other platter dropped on you with her illness and the ramifications of her death. I don't think that you are supposed to fit into the "standard model" of grief management.

I agree with you about the total housecleaning in D.C. Sadly, I don't think that it will happen in the next election. But I hope that in the next decade, as the "Millenials" (who voted in big numbers last year) have the Gen Xers backs, we can make some real changes to the way our country operates. The Boomers have damned near destroyed it. I also would love to see the absolute end of Congressional careers. I would like to see the terms for Representatives doubled to four years, and have a complete ban on serving another term for all members of Congress. Then there would be no worries about reelection and raising money. All they would need to do is serve their term and go home, giving someone else the chance to serve the public interest. Lobbyists would no longer have a role in this scenario either, as the issue of money would eliminated and all lobbyists really do is buy influence.

At times, I want to throw up my hands as well and quit paying any attention to all the crap that goes on, but then they would win. We have to have more people tuned in and seeking out the facts for themselves, not sitting back and ignoring the world of politics, or having policy spoon-fed to them and taking the word of some politician at face value. If the electorate was actually engaged, and everyone voted, we would have a vastly different situation than we do now.

Now, new topic...... Arts Festival is TWO WEEKS AWAY and I have no reservation on my calendar for your presence. Surely, this is an oversight on one of our parts. Please let me know what days I should anticipate having you.

amwurst said...

If it is any consolation I didn't read it as high and mighty. I find when I try to approach life in a positive manner, not only am I happier but those around me are as well. I've also learned to TRY not to judge/berate someone, because you may not know where they are coming from. With girl scout cookies I came close to sending a few pissed off responses, but decided to give the leaders the benefit of the doubt. In return one of those leaders ultimately brought me multiple gifts of wine to make up for inconveniencing me. One still pissed me off, but it's not worth my energy to be pissed.

We all have days we need to vent. Hell- if Lo and I had not forgiven each other for venting we would not have stayed friends past the first month of rooming together.

Mar - I was going to say chill out, but instead I'll say I'm proud you got a second opinion and listened (that was not sarcastic). You offend people quite often and most of us still love you. You make us think, investigate and re-think things. And we appreciate that.

J- grieve all you need to. We will all be there some day. My dad was just diagnosed with macular degeneration and after 50 years of clean driving has had 2 accidents in 3 months. My mom has had colon cancer and double bypass. And with our rocky history I have no clue how I will deal with her as they need more help.