Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Family Update No.128...

This is just a mish-mash of updating, so be prepared for run-on sentences and blah blah blah...

Speedy: Raced a couple of weekends ago, broke the breather, didn't finish race, has to fix breather. On the home front, he's still hanging in there with me, so you know he's a man to keep! I figure anyone that can live with me lately and not go running off into the woods screaming is a pretty good person.

Moosie: We have added another turtle to the family. We think it's a box turtle, but as I did not study herpetology, that is a guess. The new turtle's name is Pine. We now have Pine and Tuss, the red-ear slider. We also now have two cages that must be cleaned out frequently or the house will be over-come with the reptilian room scent. Amazing that Glade has not come out with that one for the plug-ins. Moosie is now able to ride in the woods on her newest horse, Sid, without a lead rope. Oh the joys of hair dye.

Rokimus: He competed in his second race ever this past Saturday. From 9am to almost 9pm our family was at the go-cart track. Have I mentioned that I love my family. Because, let me tell you, there are many things that could have been accomplished in that 12 hours that did not get done. No matter, who needs clean undies when you've got a WINNING driver son?! That's right, he won! As in 1st place. As in, did not lose. Yes, I'm somewhat proud. And best of all, he showed wonderful sportsmanship toward the other losers, oops, I mean drivers. The average speed per lap was 42 mph. Have I mentioned hair dye?

Mother: We started another round of chemo this past Friday. We had to stop the Xeloda, as it became toxic to her system. While this gives her system a few weeks to recoup on the blood counts, it also gives the cancer 3 weeks vacation from being attacked. Still attacking at a local oncology clinic near you is Gemzar. As Mother said, it does seem as though we're taking one step forward, two steps back with this whole cancer thing. Good thing that woman knows how to dance! :)

Me: Well, I did get my hair colored. A nice shade of auburn. What a shame that the stresses of life have brought out the gray in the past week. That's right, I paid $85 to have the hair cut and colored, and the gray is back in force. To minimize the stress, I have started a new knitting pattern. It actually has different stitches than just a knit stitch because I'm just crazy like that. I do believe that I was the only one at the race track knitting Saturday. I am still doing the graphics design work, and as you can tell by the length of this post, I'm procrastinating getting started on the newest job. I'm also still going to the tire store to manage the accounts and help out where/when needed. So I'm still a bit busy overall, but maybe this knitting thing is working, as I've not run screaming into the woods thing yet either. Of course, today is a new day and I might find the time for running & screaming as soon as I do some laundry, clean the kitchen, feed the dogs and turtles and start this graphics project.

Take care - me

OMG! Here's a picture of our family with the "big check" that Rokimus won Saturday night. For your viewing pleasure and my anal security issues, I've Photoshoped the faces & names.

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