Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A week in the life... and some pics... a week late of course

OK, hang on, ‘cause this one is going to be quick.

Turtle cake made, gocart cake bought. However, as with all things connected to our household, it doesn’t take long for a bit of added, not wanted, stress to be piled on. Like trying to get my mother and her mother from Wisconsin down here via Nashville on the day before the party. And, oh yeah, the party being moved up two days per her request. Or stress that comes from the place you ordered the picture gocart cake from calling the morning before the party to say their printer broke. Do we just want a plain cake? Hum…. Let me think…. NO!??! Rushing to town to get that photo to take 30 minutes south to another grocery store that stops taking orders at noon. Thank you Lord for my racecar-driving husband. Party went well though. Getting house clean enough for other people to see it, buying gifts for my kids & the kid whose party they attended the night before the party left me very glad to see the end of that weekend.

Homemade potato leek soup with homemade whole wheat bread made for my mother & her mother. Entire day spent with them.

For their actual birthday, I made cookies & took them to the school. That night we had a family meal of boiled shrimp, cole slaw, cracklin’ cornbread, black olives, cucumbers, avocados, and tomatoes… you know, their favorites. Oh yeah, and left over cake.

The next night was Halloween. One turtle (Moosie), one mummy (Rokimus), one witch (me), one gypsy (Mother), one IS Director (Speedy) and one crazy Old Norwegian woman (my grandmother as herself). Enough said.

I realize that I've not blurred out our images as I normally do. If you feel the need to actually come to my house, knock on my door and mess with my life, then woe be unto you. I have so much stress in my life right now that I really need a good stress relief, so bring it on. We live in the country & we do own guns. I'm even certified to use it. How's that for redneck?!

Thursday – Saturday:
The next couple of days were busy getting ready for local Middle La La Day. That’s right, a day when people fill up my front yard with their vehicles & junk. Literally. Cars & trucks were parked in my front yard so that they could sell their junk to the folks attending this thing. Those folks even had the nerve to cut some of my pecan branches, with pecans still attached. This day, for our community, is HUGE. People actually look forward to this day. They travel to get here. Amazing. There were cracklins to be bought, homemade hominy, and yes, even chitlins. There was bad country music out the wazoo. Practically in my front yard. And there were a bunch of people that attended. Over 100. And for someone like myself, who feels as though I live in a fish bowl on an average day, I felt horrified that there were so many people near my private space. My private space being the 5 acres we live on. I need tall ceilings and room around me.

All of this doesn’t include the month-end stuff that goes with running a small business, Mother's oncology doctor visit or the daily housework, but there’s only so much time I’ve got. So, that’s it for now. I’ve got to get busy with all the stuff that should have been done last week, but didn’t. Along with the stuff that needs to be done this week, but probably won’t.

Take care - Me


cindy said...

Busy week - but YUMMY cakes and cookies!!!!

Marcus said...

Remind me to NOT show up at your house unannounced. I'd hate to give you an excuse to practice with the gun.

knitforknot said...

The cake was a box mix, as was the frosting. I've learned that my mission in life is not a cake baker. For the safety and well-being of my family & friends, I've promised to not do the special cakes from scratch anymore. One year I got a bit carried away when I made, from scratch, angelfood cupcakes, injected with a mixed berry filling, covered with fondant (homemade) and they were made to look like pig faces & cow faces. That was their first birthday. Seven years later & I've narrowed it down to one that I decorate and one I buy. Next year I think I'll just do pitcures of cakes on the table and give them crackers. :)

knitforknot said...

As a side note, as this is becoming it's own blog entry, I did attempt to sculpt the go cart cake. I'll probably try to do that again as I've told Rokimus that I would at a later, not-so-stressed time.

Jennie said...

I LOVE the turtle cake! It is so cute. Sorry things are so frantic - I am a little shocked about the gun situation :)

camille said...

Love it, Love it, Love it. The cakes were awesome as were the costumes. You must also pass along the potato leek soup recipe as it sounds devine. I also hate that your life is insane, but I know you will make it through as always. Love ya girl!

Elmer Gantry said...

If you're certified to use the gun, it means that you are not a redneck! A true redneck feels certified at birth on the subject of discharging firearms. As the joke goes, a rednecks last words might be "Hey y'all, watch this!"