Thursday, February 7, 2008

Praying for a peaceful transition...

Note: KnitForKnot has asked me to step in and help keep everyone in the loop these days. I will refer to her "Mother" as "KnitMom."

Fortunately, when KnitMom chose her oncologist, she chose wisely. When she decided that she would feel more comfortable abandoning hospice care at home to return to the hospital, it only required a phone call. Dr. Wonderful took care of everything except driving KnitMom to the hospital. And, he let our Knitter and her Sister know that any needs they, or KnitMom have will be met. (He did remind them that despite their previous suggestions, he is not able to have the hospital room repainted on such short notice.)

So, KnitMom is likely in her final room in this life. (As always, KnitMom and her girls have even found the bright spot there: the room number is the same as the time of day that Moosie was born and the same as a recent high test score Moosie made!)

By all reports, she is comfortable now. Knitter estimates that KnitMom is sleeping 95% of the time. KnitMom has almost stopped talking.

The time is almost upon us for KnitMom to end this portion of her journey and embark upon her next adventure. Let's all pray that her transition is peaceful.


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