Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bad day gone good...

Early in the day I had a customer come in. He went on and on about how I am not my mother. I do not have her beautiful smile. I do not have her great personality. I don't even look like her, unlike my sister. He really did go on and on about how much NOT like her I am and about how he hoped that I would be able to keep the store going.

Needless to say, this was a less than stellar start to my day. Add in PMS, deadlines and decisions being made, and my day, I thought, was just shot to shit.

Then, when going to pick up the kids, I have teachers I don't know coming up to me and telling me to check Moosie's bookbag. - Honestly, I never know what I'll find.

My day got much better. Much more "leaky" as I call it, but much better.

Take care - Me


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, when it seems everything (excuse me, absolutely everything) is shot to hell, salvation arrives in a most meager fashion but absolute form.

I'm happy to see post from you.

camille said...

You are sooooo much like your mother and if you hadn't been thrown into a situation of running a store that you never thought would be possible, I can see how this would possibly damper someones disposition abit.
Plus this man only knew your mother in one light, as we know your mother in so many others that you so reflect! Plus Kudos for Moosie for saving the day!