Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome to my head...

Things that go through my head as I drive to and from work/school/home each day...

Oh shit, what would I do if a bird flew in through the windows?

I really need to leave a bit sooner as to not speed quite so fast... Are there ever any troopers/law enforcers on this road anyway?

We really need to pack Mom's house up.

I wonder if an intruder were to attempt intruding, would I just shoot to maim, or kill?

Wonder what kind of flower that is?

I really need to remember to charge my ipod.

Am I really going 70 in a 43 year old car?!

And the list goes on and on...

Here's some blog fodder from recent times. Enjoy.

Take care - Me

-- For those of you not in the know (as I was the DAY before this was due) the above character you see is Flat Stanley. Moosie was in charge of dressing him and apparently we were supposed to be taking him with us for the previous few days. This did not happen, so we rushed around, got him clothed and took him sight-seeing. More photos can be found on the Gives Thanks blog.

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