Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's hit it with a stick...


Today the kids went walking with Granny. Apparently they walked up on a Timber rattler. Now, I know that we live in Mississippi and I've grown up understanding that they are around, but when it's my children that walk up on one, it's a whole different story. Especially when my MIL aka Granny tells the kids "Let's hit it with a stick." Luckily, or divinely as I think, they have sense enough to step back from it and run away. They ran to get Grandaddy and his gun while Granny stayed and poked it enough to coil. WTF?!? She wanted my children to attempt that with her? (btw - it had 10 rattles.)

Thank you Lord that I have gone over with them what to do if they ever run across a poisonous snake. Thank you Lord that they actually listened to me and could recall it when it did happen.

I know that there are those of you out there that don't want the wildlife killed. For the most part, I'm fine with that. For poisonous snakes that we know are there and are on our land where my children roam, they will be killed if at all possible. End of story.

By the way, yesterday was the kids TAG class field-trip. We toured the state art museum and the museum of natural science. There were about 64 children and 15 adults. I am so glad that I've taken the kids to museums before and talked to them about art. So many of these gifted children had absolutely no respect for art. I could really get on my soapbox about that now, but I'm going to save it for another post. While at the MNS, they got to experience a wetland up close and personal and very muddy. I'll try to post pics on the other site within the next day or two. Overall, the kids enjoyed it. I'm still taking headache pills from being with that many disrespectful, hyperactive young people for 12 hours.

Take care - Me

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Camille said...

Did I just read your blog correctly? Granny has lived in the country long enough to know snakes are roaming about and why in the world would she poke it with a stick? Was she having some type of mental episode and forgot all common sense? Good Grief? If she feels the need to poke a deadly snake with a stick, let her do it on her own, when small children aren't in her care.