Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Racing We Will Go...

Rokimus is in the red kart approaching (rapidly) the black kart that had just spun out. I now need to edit the audio on the camcorder!

Moosie is in the yellow kart approaching her opponent (school friend) about to make her first racing pass. She made it successfully without spinning the other kart or herself out. I foresee many more passes in her racing career!

It's officially race season around here! Saturday night found us at the local track with both kids racing. This is Moosie's first time racing, though you'd never know it to watch her. She finished first in the heat and feature! Girl Power!! :) (Momma might be proud)

Rokimus was up against 8 other racers, aged 8-12. We're still having issues with his new set up and we couldn't get his kart to turn the RPM it needed to. He started 3rd in the heat, finishing 2nd. This position determines where you start in the feature. So, he started 2nd in the feature and finished 2nd after not being quite able to pass the 1st place racer. As this is the first race he's not won since he first started racing, I'd say he's doing just fine! :) Of course, he's already planning on how to do better next weekend at the State Series race.

For those of you who wish and are allowed - I've posted pics on the other site.

Take care - Me


knitforknot said...
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Anonymous said...

How's the racin' going?

knitforknot said...

Going great - full force now. :) Speedy is up at the shop getting Rokimus' kart ready to take to the track tonight for the State race tomorrow. So far, Moosie has won all her races. Rokimus has come in 3rd, 5th, 2nd and then we finally figured out his set up & he won. :) Bless his heart for our learning curve on his new motor/kart chassis.