Monday, April 2, 2007

Crack Pipe...

So, as you may or may not know, Friday night is hubby & my "alone" time. This is the night for me to cook up something special, or for us to go out to eat. This is our A&E CSI Miami marathon evening & then "quality" time. Of course, there are times when things don't work quite as planned, such as snakes invading our homestead, but generally, the night is ours.

Well, this past Friday as I was cleaning the kitchen while waiting for Speedy to arrive so that we could go the the local fish camp, I happened to notice that under our sink was a bit of moisture. Huh. Upon further evaluation, there was quite a bit of moisture. Huh? And an awful stench! And gooey stuff on the bottom of the cabinet. So, I go in search of the flashlight to investigate. There is a large crack with daylight shinning through where the sink drain is supposed to meet pipe.

I immediately call Speedy to warn him of impending doomdom before he gets home. He, of course, is running behind and not all that concerned about the situation. I, of course, while talking to him and not paying attention, proceed to wash my hands to get them clean. (one of my slight OCD behaviors) You can imagine the creative speech that occurred, and I'm accepting all prayers for my soul.

Speedy finally got home after I had finished cleaning out the cabinet and gotten clean hands in the bathroom. :) He wanted to see where the crack was, so I graciously pointed out to him how loose the pipe was. It was at this point, with my demonstrative abilities, that water shot out of the other end of the pipe! That's right folks, more water coming out of a rusted hole in the other pipe. At this point, we left the facilities to have supper.

Saturday saw Moosie & me going to Lowe's and Speedy & Rokimus going to get racing fuel. (priorities, don't you know) Luckily there was a very helpful young man there to help me configure the correct pipe pieces. (I had brought along the old, rusted, cracked pipe with me for reference.)

To make an extremely long story short, I had water running through my kitchen sink without leaks by Saturday evening. :) Enjoy the pics.

Take care - Me

This is the whole pipe configuration that had to be replaced. I am not a plumber, and I do not play one on TV.

This is the piece that had the audacity to crack after 35 years of life.

This is the canyon that has slowly been forming under extreme pressure from rust formations.

Note the shiny newness. The bright white. The tag still attached. Note, there are no escaping droplets. Just pure pipeage allowing me to wash my dirty hands once more. Please do not note the rust formations on the rear pipes - a not-so-distant project.

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