Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Under two weeks ago, I drove to Looney to check on my Mother. The morning is etched in my head now. The sun had a beautiful golden cast as it filtered through the tall pines and landed on hill sides where the cows and horses grazed. The clouds were wispy and almost rose tinted. The dew was making the grass seem translucent and the creeks I passed over were running smooth.

That day started the journey that I've been on for the past couple of weeks. My mother has cancer. When I arrived at her house I saw the yellow in her eyes and skin. I saw a woman who is usually so strong weakened by a monster that has invaded her body. By invading her body, it has invaded our family. My sister & I took her to the doctor and he did the blood work. When the results came back they were not good. We've been through CT scans, ultrasounds, X-Rays and scopes. She was in the hospital for a few days while they got the toxins down, hydration up and did the scope. They let her go home for the weekend and we took her to the main city Monday to see the cancer surgeon. He was not supposed to be in town this week. He should have been in Wisconsin. Due to acts of God, he had to cancel his trip. He normally does not accept cases such as Mother's. He has accepted hers & we will continue this journey today as we go to Main City to meet up with family from Wisconsin that has come down to lend support.

Tomorrow we will take the woman who gave us birth, made our clothes, cleaned our boo-boos, held our hands, hugged us and let us go when needed, runs her own tire business, and loves us more than anything, to have this monster removed from her. We all will be in surgery tomorrow. For this monster doesn't just invade one body, it invades the very soul of all of us. It is attempting to suck hope, faith and love out of each of us. I will not let it. God will not let it. Beyond all things, I know that there is God, and that the prayers that are being said are lifting our hearts and giving us strength. I know that this woman will fight. For fighting is in her blood, and that fight is stronger than any cancer could be.

Should she lose her life, now or down the road, she will have won. She is fighting, we are fighting and should she go, it will be because she has realized that nothing in this world can beat what's waiting for her there. It will not be because the monster cannot be fought - it can and is being fought.

I will not be posting much for the next few weeks. Her recovery will have us in Main City for a while. I know that those few who read this know of this journey already. I felt the need to put it into words today. If you are just stumbling onto this blog and do not really know me, I ask for your prayers. I don't care what religion you are, I don't even care if you're not sure if there's a God. I know there is, and I ask for you to pray for us. We need them.

Take care - Me

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