Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2 Lives, 8 Years and Countless Blessings...

Eight years ago today Speedy and I got married.

I had actually told my friends a year earlier that they were to "rescue" me should I become involved with a Mississippi man. Thank you friends for not intervening.

This man has stood by my side through the rich & poor times, the sick and health times and all the times in between. Within a year of marriage, we both graduated from college, me with twins on the way. He helped me be myself when I was unsure who I was after becoming a mom. A couple of years later, we found out about my inner-ear disorder and he got me through some pretty massive migraines, including a rushed trip to the doc for a shot when he came home for lunch and found me laying on the couch with ice-packs on my head. He held me when my parent's marriage broke up after 40 years together. And he held me again when we found out about my mother's cancer.

It seems he's had to do a lot of holding on these past eight years. He's shown me what a real relationship can be. I love that he's shown me the potential of love. Love that laughs, gets scared, has bumps, tears and lots of holding. He's been there for me and I do not doubt for one moment that he'll be there for me again. That's what this is all about after all. Being there for each other. No matter what.

Thank you hubby. For the love eight years ago, for the love today and for the potential of tomorrow.

I love you.


Marcus said...

OMG! Eight years is a long time. You know, I am aware of how old the kids are, but I just didn't think about you having been married for eight years. I mean, we were there, and it it certainly doesn't seem like eight years. Of course, the older I get, everything seems like yesterday, while in reality, it was a long time ago. Some sort of strange time-dilation effect, related to the fact that time seems to move faster as you get older.

Anyway, congratulations!

Lo said...

I'm with my hubby in not being able to believe that is has been eight years. Wow! I'm really glad that we all dropped the ball in our sworn duty to rescue you so long ago. And I'm glad Speedy came along to rescue you in quite a different way. I've noticed a sign that ya'll are meant to be together: everytime your phone breaks into song at Speedy's ring tone, you still break into a smile that he is calling. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Cindy said:
And yes...time passes faster as we get older...
Take care.

camille said...

I can't belive I forgot. For some reason your annvi. as always been ingrained in my memory. Congrats darlin... on a wonderful 8 years and many more on the way.