Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hello, my name is Busy...

Hey ya'll.

I'm sorry that I've not posted lately, so I'll try to catch you up a bit.

The kids are out of school & running around crazy. Happy crazy, but crazy nonetheless. They enjoyed a recent birthday party at a water park and are already making plans to visit said water park again. With or without parents if they can just figure out how to drive the Kawasaki Mule there. They've also been helping Grandaddy Chief work on the tractors and helping me run the tire store. We make 'em work for food around these parts. :)

Speedy is doing pretty good. Not much racing this season yet. I try to tell him that racing is much easier if parts don't fall off the car or just plain tear up mid lap. I think that mumbling I hear when I tell him that is him agreeing with me. I'm just sure he's uttering his love & devotion to me, his adoring wifey.

My dad is doing well also. I realized lately that I haven't really blogged any about Daddy & that needs to be rectified. I'll post more soon about this incredible man, I promise. For now, he's been a great help at the store & with the kids.

Mother and Sister are back from Wisconsin. They had a great trip, though I do believe that they are also glad to be home. They were unable to call out where they were, no cell phone service & no long distance. Mother got to visit with many relatives she'd not seen in quite a while and she got to enjoy the early summer/late spring weather of Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. Sister got to enjoy long, deep breaths while Mother was visiting with many relatives. However, they are home now. And did I mention they're back? And that I can call them & they can call me now? And that it is such a relief to know that it's less than 18 hours to get to them in case of an emergency?

And me? Well, I'm doing pretty good too. I've got incredible friends. I had a great time with Memphis friend during our much-needed retail therapy! I've gotten to see Fairhope friends recently, and hope to see them again soon. Possibly even at their house. (yes, this is your warning, so you better hope you actually read this long, lengthy blog.) One of those friends told me once that it's amazing how I can go through some really shitty things & come out fine. Well, I don't know about how fine I've made it so far, but I must say, I would not have made it out of some past experiences without them helping me. I know I'll make it through this too, but it will not be without the Grace of God, family & friends. So, if I've not told you enough lately, to all my friends who've called, written and/or prayed and thought of me - Thank you. I humbly thank you from the bottom of my soul. May God Bless you & keep you.

Take care - Me


Marcus said...

I've heeded your warning and checked to make sure that your room is ready. You are welcome here any time you can get away.

Where is the picture of you and your Bug?

Lo said...

Oops! That comment was actually from me, not marcus. Sorry. Guess I should learn to scroll to the bottom of the page.

camille said...

Had much fun with you to darlin! You are never far from my mind and thank goodness that the space factor is only a few hours away.