Wednesday, October 3, 2007

205,000... and what it'll get you...

So, if you had $205,000 USD, what could you buy? Well, here's some suggestions:

If it were three years ago and you were Babies R Us, you could pay that amount to implement training due to same sex harassment of a male employee.
Or, if you were in the mood to jump on a boat and escape from your everyday life in the middle of America, you could do it in style on this.

Of course, if you already owned one of those, you could take yourself to your very own island condo.

What's that you say? No desire to travel, no need to leave your house? No problem! That same amount will allow you about 207,070 songs on iTunes. Or, you could buy the iPhone, one year's service, a loaded Mac ProBook with 30" HD Cinema display and about 198,387 songs from iTunes.

I refuse to think that anyone out there that had this kind of money would waste it on a Bill Gates, aka Satan, machine.

If, however, you have a CA 19-9 number of 205,000, this amount gets you several used, snotty tissues, a trip to the CT machine ASAP, a 4 day wait for the CT results and most likely a new chemo regime. We really won't know much more until Friday.

Take care - Me

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