Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blah, blah, blah...

I’ve sat down to blog after being told by my friends that it’s been almost 14 days since my last entry. Now, this should tell you that life seems to be moving impossibly fast for me as I could have sworn that it’s only been a few days since that entry.

Of course, life does tend to speed up in relative time when shit happens. Shit like your daughter running full out into the side of a parked truck, only to fall face first onto a rock. The rock and truck are just fine, but they’ve done considerable damage to my Moosie’s mouth. She’s now running around with two less teeth, a scraped chin and an impressively busted lower lip. We’re all hoping that perhaps now she will think twice before trying to run full out with her face covered. Hoping, but not holding our breath on that one, as it is a favorite pastime of hers.

Or it could be due to shit like a son having stomach issues. Having issues such as severe cramps and irregular bowel movements. Not all the time, just sometimes. And not running fever. And feeling quite well most of the time, but every now and then, needing to writhe in pain and only want his mamma, not anyone else, not even anyone else to so much as look in his general direction. And yet, moments later he’s feeling well enough to run a marathon around the house and torment his sister about her lack of teeth.

Or, possibly, shit like my mother being 18 hours away in the land of no cell phone reception so that when I wish to hear her voice I have to actually go through my grandmother, aunt, other aunt, or just whomever happens to be near enough to the phone that I’ve been told to call. And if I’m lucky, my mother just might actually be there. Or, she just might be at a local prison visiting a cousin. I tell you, there’s just nothing like calling to talk to your mother only to hear that she’s in prison. And, oh yeah, she’s just visiting there. Of course, there’s always the joyful news that your grandmother will be accompanying her back home. Because apparently the universe thinks I need that extra exercise in patience and understanding.

Maybe it’s due to struggling through a couple of migraines in the past couple of weeks. Can anyone say acupuncture needed – I bet you can! In fact, I’ve gotten my hubby to set me up with a local doc that does acupuncture for headaches. I plan on going in there and telling him which points I need done, because I’m just that nervous going to someone other than my beloved Dr. Turner. I don’t have the time to travel to see Dr. T though, so I’m going to try to make it by with the local doc.

It could also be that I enjoy reading other blogs. In reality, I don’t really think my writing is all that special. I’m much better at reading blogs than I am writing one. I don’t travel that much, I don’t have a fancy degree or an exciting career. My house is nothing to write home about, unless it’s to tell the relatives not to stay here. Honestly, other than having Meniere’s and migraines, a hubby who races, being a mom to twins - one of whom races and one who likes to run into things with her head covered, being a daughter who is losing her mother to Pancreatic cancer, being a tire store manager, a free-lance graphic designer, and let’s not forget, never-ending ark painter – I am just not all that interesting or exciting. But I am blessed to have terrific friends. Friends that urge me to keep blogging. So, friends, thank you. Thank you for the urging, the phone calls and the thoughts that come my way. You mean more to me than you shall ever realize.

Take care - Me


tlm said...

OMG! Is the ARK honestly still in progress? I remember that there were some unexpected obstacles to the anticipated Easter completion date, but isn't Halloween next week? Are we talking just a few animals left now, or what?

Jennie said...

Holy shit! You definitely have gotten more than your fair share lately. I could say something really inspirational about not getting more than you can handle or something but the truth is that it just sucks. Know that there are people out there who think about you and your family all the time and hope desperately for you all to find peace, even if we aren't so good about saying it.

ps : your life doesn't have to be exciting for you to blog - it is just a nice way for people who care about you to keep up

camille said...

I agree with Jennie, its nice to know all the things going on when we can't touch base on the phone. By the way the long lost Kloss left me a vM late last night, so this shall be interesing once we actually do speak. I also sent you an email about onions :-)
Love you girl!