Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Battle of the Teeth...

Due to lack of patience and the desire to outdo his sister, Rokimus has "lost" his first tooth. He actually had his Grandaddy Chief pull the tooth out today when he got home from school and while I was at our house taking care of his sick sister. He did mention that it was quite a bloody experience and that he didn't feel so good right after. However, Granny gave him a cool cloth and some water and he felt fine shortly after. :) Bless his heart, he was so excited to show his toothlessness to his sister (read brag) yet she did NOT want to see the gapping hole. She refused to look at or discuss it with him! She then proceeded to have me reassure her that no, she did not have to have her loose tooth pulled out. It could & would happen naturally. :)

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