Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dessert Induced Fog, Oh and the Arts Festival...

This one is probably going to be a bit wordy, so go ahead, use that French Press, get a cup'a - I'll wait.

Got it? Good - now, on with the blogging...

I had a great weekend at the MarLo house. The Arts Festival was incredible, as it always is. I actually got to go down on Thursday without the kids in tow. That's something that doesn't happen very often. We hung out at the house on Thursday afternoon & then got to sample some of Pam & Cindy's fantastic Caramel Pound Cake that night. They are such sweet hearts to think of us, sitting there with no cake and offer that goodness to us.

Friday arrived and unfortunately, I was not awake to see the oldest MarLo girl-child dressed up in her 50's outfit. Her school has a wonderful program where the kids who are studying a certain area in history are allowed to dress the part at the end and have some form of party. This day, they attended a sock hop and those girls were just too cute in their poodle skirts and neck scarves. (Of course, I think that ordering the outfit online down to the crinoline is perhaps a bit much for a 6th grader who is only going to wear it once.) Anywho, after I got up & about, Marcus, little MarLo boy, Cindy & I went downtown to scope out the art. I really love the festival on Friday due to the lack of people. We lunched at Panini Pete's Cafe & Bakeshoppe - just wonderful! Homemade potato chips and hamburgers & then went on to buy art. :) My kind of morning! Later that day, Marcus took me to the Mobile Museum of Art for the photography exhibits. They are also running a photography contest using a Kodak Brownie camera they provide. They were out of the cameras, so I'm seeing a trip back in my near future.

After all that viewing, our next logical stop was Carpe Diem. Now, for those of you who have not had the chance to visit this little slice of heaven. SHAME ON YOU! You must go! What's that? You live too far away? No such thing. I don't care if you are sitting in Australia - get on the plane, fly into Mobile & take a taxi. But get to this place! The coffee drinks are out of this world, the atmosphere is sublime and for heaven's sake, do NOT leave without trying the tiramisu. Did you hear me?! Do not leave without trying the tiramisu! I'm thinking of just leaving my house right now & driving the 3 hours to get some. It's an orgasm in a cup. I am quite certain that I made Marcus uncomfortable while I was moaning and eating it in front of those retired Spring Hill ladies that were discussing their latest fashions. The rest of Friday is a blur. I'm sorry, but that tiramisu is all that I can remember from that moment on.

The rest of the weekend is still foggy, but we did have a great time! (see above for the reason of fog) We did the 2-mile walk Saturday morning. While I fully expected to be wheezing and falling out at the 1/2 mile mark, I actually made it the whole way. Not only did I make it the whole way, I channeled some of Speedy's racing savvy to block Marcus with 4 folks ahead of us while edging to the outside for the pass. That's right, I passed him at the last moment and finished ahead! Yea me! It does not matter that he'd been ahead of me the whole way, nor that he was pushing little MarLo boy in the stroller up & down those hills. What matters is that I finished before him. :) (No, I am not in the least bit competitive after being around Speedy for 8 years.) Later that night, we got to sample another pound cake recipe from Pam and Cindy - divine I must say, especially at midnight with a tall glass of milk. You can read more about the art here. I'll post more about activities that took place over the weekend as my tiramisu-induced fog lifts.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend also!

Take care - Me


Marcus said...

I am so glad that you had such a good time.

Of course, as punishment for that last-second pass to finish before me in the race, I am making special trips to Carpe Diem and calling from there to tell you all about it.

Payback is hell.

Dea said...

You write very well.