Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Walks in the woods...

This is the "Hanging House" that we walk by at the back fence line. Years ago the Momma of the house hung herself. I can relate.

Every now and then my mother-in-law, the kids & I will go walking in the woods. My in-laws own around 80 acres, including the land and house that we currently live in. I could literally throw a rock and hit their house. (I'll go into that whole thing in a later post.) Anyway, my MIL walks nearly everyday and most times the kids walk with her. It mostly depends on if anything new is on the Discovery channel as to whether or not Moosie goes. That girl loves her Mythbusters.

I normally don't walk with them. Normally, I'm working on laundry, supper, knitting, pulling my hair out, etc. Of course, there's the whole walking with MIL too. I'd rather not. However, last week I decided to ditch all housework and walk with the kids. It was a comfortable temperature around 70ยบ and the sun was shinning. I really do enjoy walking through the woods. I love the smell of the pines and the way the hills just roll into one another. I also love the fact that it's not snake season and there's no worries that one will follow me home. There are often deer and raccoon tracks to point out to the kids and hey, it's exercise too - something I don't get enough of.

So, here's some pictures that were taken on our recent walk. I hope you enjoy.

Take care - Me

There was a full moon this day. Some call it a children's moon.

This is Moosie's horse. This is the 3rd horse that Grandaddy Chief has bought for her. His parents were award winning ropers. He's now resigned to having a little girl that sings at the top of her lungs riding him. So far, this one has not bucked her off. We hope to keep it that way.

This, of course, is me. Rokimus has gotten some strange idea that it's fun to take pictures. I don't understand where that's come from. Certainly he didn't pick that up from being the darkroom with me, sitting on my lap as I work in Photoshop or helping me lug my camera equipment around as a toddler.


Lo said...

The Hanging House gives me the heeby-jeebies.

knitforknot said...

And yet, that's one of the highlights of our walk. The kids and I love walking by & looking at the old stone fireplace, and just the structure itself. In fact, I like it so much, I've checked into buying the land it's sitting on. There's another old "dog run" house that sits further back on the same strip of land that the family moved into after Momma's demise. Unfortunately, there's about 50 acres tied up in a trust & all 5 kids have to agree to sell for - the baby sister doesn't want to. Oh, and to make this whole thing more interesting, to get to this land, you have to drive by the Baptist cemetary where Speedy's relavtives are buried. Now that's my kind of place! :)

Marcus said...

Walking in the wods is the ONLY thing I miss about living in the country. Fortunately, we can drive down to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge (speaking of which, we should put it on your ever-growing Fairhope to-do list - great photo ops!) and walk through pristine forest that begins & ends with spectacular ocean views!