Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daily Grind...

So, I had grand plans today for showing the pictures from the 50th Anniversary party and writing brilliantly about how everything went like clockwork. How I am so grateful to the "blue hairs" of the church, for without their help, my life would have been much more stressful. How adorable my children were as they guarded the guest book and even hunted down the folks that had the nerve to walk on by without signing their name. All that will have to wait for another day I'm afraid. You see, I am in a perpetual house of sickness.

That's right folks, welcome to our house of fever and crud. To catch you up, Moosie had strep a couple of weeks ago, Rokimus had fever & headaches last Friday and today, just a bit ago, the teacher called to inform me that they both were running fever & complaining of hurt stomaches. And, oh yeah, did I know that there is a virus going around? Well, shit. That's what went through my head.

So, today's post is brought to you by the following. Without which, I'm quite certain, I would never make it through my days as well as I do...
Thanks Marcus, for reminding me a couple of months ago about the wonders of the french press!

* I've applied the artistic touches to the photo of my pot & cup to make up for the dirty stove top.

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