Friday, February 9, 2007

Rollin' Weekend...

So, it's been a busy life around LaLa lately. Friday saw Moosie and me in her doctor's office getting tested for strep. Yep, it was and yep, she got a shot. This was the first time a shot was offered instead of the twice a day for 10 days syrup from hell. We chose the shot & yes, she screamed. She also commented to the nurses that acupuncture was NOTHING like getting a shot & maybe next time she could visit the acupuncturist instead!

Saturday saw me taking care of Moosie, doing laundry, getting 48 Valentines ready for the kids, shopping for the upcoming 50th wedding anniversary party and arranging for pick up of Rokimus' latest welded art piece (another bottle tree) for Ganny. Of course, I feel that my bottle tree is much better, as it was his first design, but Ganny was quite impressed with hers.

Sunday rolled in with the usual church thing, this week without the "fit" but with the rush of blue-hairs rushing in to ask what they could do to help with the party next Saturday. Amazingly enough, when they ask, they are really telling me what they will be doing & bringing, because obviously I am not competent enough to handle something of this nature. Because, you know, I lived in Memphis for a number of years - alone, I have a tattoo, I don't believe in the Southern Baptist theology, and finally, I abandon my family a few times a year to gain some form of sanity back via wonderful art festivals in Fairhope or movie nights & Indian food in Memphis. I mean really, I must need help!

Sunday was also the continuation of the valentines, laundry - never-ending, ever-piling loads that must be washed, dried & put away, kids' valentine holding boxes for school (Moosie=Turtle, Rokimus=Race Car) and the usual household stuff like cooking supper, cleaning kitchen, dealing with the Epileptic basset mix.

So, I'll be a bit busy this week, but this one should be wordy enough to last a day or two. :) I hope ya'll (all two of you who read this) have a great week & I'll check in with you later.

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