Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fabulous Friday to Torrid Tuesday

CT Scans showed no growth!! WooHoo!! Great news to say the least. She was also able to start her next round of chemo and did not even have to have the stomach injection of EPO for low RBC. (A savings of around $1800) And no, I did not mention a word to Mother about getting ticked at work the day before. Honestly, with the chemo fog she's going through right now, it's very possible she just forgot. The first "F" can have additional meaning for Friday nights as the kids stay with the in-laws! YEA!!

Speed Driven Saturday:
Mother came to pick Moosie up for a girls-night pj party after lunch. I made a mad dash into town to stock up on yogurt, dog food and to help my sister pick out her laser printer. We rushed back to LLL in time to unload shopping and reload all that was heading to the race track with us. (ice, frozen water bottles, ice, water, clothes to dip in the ice, oh and the video recorder) It was 100º at the track and I just don't see how Speedy can stand the heat when he's wearing the 3-layer fire suit. Mother, in the mean time, had called to tell me she was taking Moosie to the rodeo. Oh normal, calm life, where did you go? Will you come back now, please?
---- I will back up in time here & let you know that our son, Rokimus, had his first ever go cart race a couple of weekends ago. He did quite well, seems to be a natural, and I really didn't sprout too many new gray hairs until the announcer came over the speakers to tell us that the little Rokimus driver was OK and noone got hurt. You see, he pulled into the pits without brakes, slamming his cart into another one waiting to go out. He's fine, I'm buying stock in Clairol. He finished the feature race at 3rd place. We'll race his again on Sept. 1.----
Speedy finished third in his feature after scrubbing the wall and getting really close to another racer as he passed them. I was even home before midnight!

Slow, Sundry Sunday:
We slept in. Did you hear that?! We actually slept until around 8:30am! It's been a long time since that's happened. Even Rokimus, the 5 amer, slept until 9am. We did go to church, even me, so no, that wasn't an earthquake you felt, just me going to the Southern Baptist Facility in the backyard. We also found out that Speedy was nominated to be a deacon. ::silence... then sudden bursts of laughter:: While I do believe it to be an honor to be nominated for such a position, and that to help out a house of God is great, I mean, come on. They do know he's married to me don't they?! The one who doesn't believe in moving "letters" or that there should be "membership" for a place of worship. Anywho, we'll find out next Sunday if he's got the gig. I also got to taste the world's worst meatloaf, titled Stuffed Apple Meatloaf. Run, run fast if you are ever served this. Sunday also saw me doing little of nothing other than laundry, tidying up, helping Speedy get the race car ready for washing, etc. Found out that Moosie chased the calves and sat on a bull. Clairol, what is your stock price now? I did actually stay up late, watching the Princess Diana special on TLC until about 11:30pm when I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Manic, Mean Monday:
We'll begin this day at midnight. With a call from Sister, who has Mother, and is on their way to the ER due to rising fever. I meet them there and we all enjoy the lovely ER facility until, around 3am they release Mother to go back home after running the blood tests, doing the X-rays and putting her on antibiotics. (this brings her to around 7 pills at breakfast & supper, including the oral chemo) I get home around 3:30am, finally go to sleep around 4:15am to be up again shortly after 7am to see the kids off to school. Speedy was wonderful & tried to let me sleep as long as possible. After getting the kids off, I got ready & headed to Mother's. I spent a good deal of the morning massaging her feet and holding her hand as pain would arch her back and make her pant. After the pain pills kicked in, things seemed to go better. I also worked the store for a couple of hours while getting her prescriptions refilled to the tune of around $175, and that's the copay amount. She was much better by evening & I finally got home around 5pm. Let me note here that I am NOT a person that deals well on little to no sleep. I also prayed for those that had to deal with me on this day.

Torrid Tuesday:
I realize that today could have been Terrific Tuesday, but I feel any day that starts with going to Walmart cannot be terrific. Also, any day that the bathtub gets scrubbed, the turtle case gets cleaned and the temp reaches over 100º in the shade is torrid. I did make the wonderful broccoli salad that Marcus sent me the recipe for. Thank goodness I made it since Granny served up the infamous leftover meatloaf from hell for supper tonight. I did know she was serving it & was able to call Speedy at work to forewarn him. He had a meeting to attend after work and was unable to make it home to eat. He owes me. BIG. Ellie did come home today with a more difficult book. Yesterday's lasted 15 minutes. These books are supposed to be read over the course of a week. I requested a more challenging book. It took her about 40 minutes to complete. We'll try again tomorrow.

Take care - me

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