Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reservation for Sanity Retention/Regeneration


I am writing to confirm my reservation at the MarLo House in Fairhope, AL for the nights of August 23rd - August 24th. I will be checking in around lunch on the 23rd and checking out around lunch on the 25th. From our previous negotiations, the payment of at least one jar of cranberry fig preserves will be due in full at time of check-in. Should this payment deem unacceptable, please notify me as early as possible. I do plan on visiting the Mathis facility before departure should you require any additional forms of payment. Also, if you could obtain any orders from the locals that know of the Mathis offerings, I would gladly procure additional items.

If there should be a cancellation of my reservation, notification is due at least 24 hours in advance, though you will probably know ahead of time when the news broadcasts about the freezing temperatures in hell.

I appreciate the opportunity to experience your facility and look forward to the experience.

Thank you,


Marcus said...

We regret to inform you that our reservation policy has been modified. Due to a large volume of short-stay guests, which requires a lot of work in both preparation and clean-up, we have instituted a minimum three-night stay requirement. If you are unable to add an additional night to your itinerary, you will be charged an additional fee. Examples of this fee include: (1.) a bottle of good wine; (2.) a bottle of strawberry margarita mixer; or (3.) Land Shark beer. Other options can be worked out with the management.

Please let us know which solution will work best for you in order to resolve this tiny issue.

knitforknot said...

Dear Mr. Marcus,

I was unaware of the policy modifications. While I would love to stay an extra night or ten, I am unsure if that is feasible at this time. That being said, I will happily procure the necessary items to ensure my reservation is still in good standing. Perhaps, while I am in residence there, we can reach sucessful negotiations. Please advise if this solution is acceptable. I apologize for any inconvience my short stay reservation may cause.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Cindy said:
Yes !!!...the Highway 98 east side LOCALS would like some of those delish fig preserves! If they are still in stock??
We look forward to seeing you...have a safe trip...