Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Not going on about the trip...

OK, so you've seen some of the pictures. I still have 4 rolls of film to be sent off and I've only posted about 1/4 of the images shot. Wisconsin is absolutely amazing to me. The landscape is truly God's country. The "hills"(mountains) and valleys that nestle farms in their arms are breathtaking. And if it didn't get so dang cold in the winter time, we would probably be living there. I was offered a job at Organic Valley about 5 years ago, but we turned it down.

So, I'm not going to go on and on about this trip. I'm just not. I'm so not going to tell you about the canoe trip down the Kickapoo River. Like how we went in at Bridge 8 and were told to get off the river at Bridge 12. Or how Hubby & I have never canoed in our lives. Or how the kids really enjoyed riding in between the two of us in the canoe. I'm also quite certain that you don't want to hear about the beautiful flowers that lined the banks in areas, or how you could canoe under a cliff side of wonderful rock that had trees growing from the edge 30 feet above in other areas. Or how there were about 12 canoes of my relatives also on the river at the same time. Only not with us. There were a couple canoes near us, but you probably won't care anything about hearing that they gave us wrong directions. THERE IS NO BRIDGE 12. NONE. Here's where, if I were going to go on & on about our trip, I would tell you about the realization that we are too far past to go back, there is NO turning around in a river and that the reason everyone (but us) gets off at 12 is due to the amount of debris south of there. I also wouldn't tell you about me paddling for all I was worth, come branch or high water, to get us the hell out of that river! Even if my power paddling would run us into rocks, trees, branches, etc. Even if Hubby's paddle wouldn't reach quite far enough to knock some sense into me.

So, if I were going to tell you about the Kickapoo River, I would probably tell you that there is no Bridge 12 so if you miss it, don't expect to get off at 13 either. You'll need to go on down to 14 where the canoe rental guys will be waiting for you along with about 40 of your closest relatives.

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