Thursday, August 9, 2007

Random Shit Thursday!

That's right folks, I'm deeming today Random Shit Thursday. Because it's just been that kind of day. You know the kind I'm talking about. The kind of day that starts off semi-bad and just goes straight to hell and on the way there, the basket you're riding in just bursts into flames.

Like getting to work to find out that the stuff another person (your Mother, say) was supposed to do a few days ago - was NOT done. And of course, you can't really get mad at your mother because she's got a really bad case of cancer and is dying. Because if you did go off and let all this work crap off your chest, then months down the road, you'd feel lower than beetle shit.

The kind of day when you're telling your hubby about this day and all it's glory and the house electricity just goes off. Gone. Nothing. And of course, it just goes off long enough to have to go throughout the house resetting all the clocks and trying to get your 8-year old back-up, account-holding Mac back up and running. That kind of day.

I'm sure that on top of all of this random shittiness, it does not help that tomorrow we find out the results of Mother's CT scan is looming. Or that we've actually started discussing funeral arrangements for her. Or that her mother is coming to visit in the next month or so. God help us all.

Take care & I hope that tomorrow is Fucking Awesome Friday! :)


Marcus said...

How wonderful! You've let the expletives out! You've been far too reserved on this blog. You can accomplish the same benefit of a stress-releasing scream by typing all sorts of four-letter words! Can't wait to see your verbal creativity!

Lo said...

Thank God that "Good News Friday" actually came to pass after R.S.T.! But what on earth are we going to call Racing Saturdays...?