Monday, May 14, 2007


She carries the soul of the newborn in her own for months, then releases it into the world. Sometimes, realizing that she cannot carry out the dreams she has for that child, she gives it up to fate, hoping for a better future for her child. It is then that the child becomes the child of another. Another that will take over the dreams, hopes and fears of being a mother and will do her best to fulfill that fate.

Either way, that person has now taken her own self and pushed it back behind the importance of the child. She will nourish the growing body, but most important, the soul of that child. She will try to teach the child compassion, love and understanding so they might grow up and pass it on to others they encounter. She will apply band aids, ointment and administer medicine along with love. She will hold the child’s hand, brush the hair, clothe them and try to keep them safe.

That soul she carried or accepted will, in turn, become part of her soul and vice versa. There will be mistakes, because there is no instruction book that comes with this. Often, she will worry and wonder if she is making the right decision. Always, always, there is the thought of what actions will be best for the child. Even when that child becomes grown, there is the thought of doing what she can to help the child grow. By making mistakes, the child will learn and understand more of this life.

A mother never stops being a mother. And when death is knocking at the door, should you have the chance to hear the knock, please tell your mother how much her love has touched you. Thank her for the mistakes she made for it has made you wiser without having to make the same mistake yourself. Thank her for brushing your hair with a gentle hand. Thank her for doing her best and putting herself last. And, if you get the chance, hold her hand, for that is one of the sweetest feelings in the world.

And thank God for giving your soul a place to rest. For watching over you both and allowing you both to know each other, even if it was for a short time. There is something that carries over from a mother to a child, even if the child was only with the mother for a few minutes. The mother carried that soul, giving it nourishment and a chance at life, and sometimes, freedom to find a better future. God alone knows how much time we have here on earth, so take today, right now, to thank those that have cared for you, have loved you, and have put you ahead of themselves so that you might be more.

Take care – Me

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Lo said...

Thank you for a beautiful tribute to mothers everywhere!