Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Things that make me want to scream...

Well, yesterday was Fantabulous! Mother felt great, she got released from the surgeon in Jackson, we ate lunch at Macaroni Grill, bought hats at TJ Maxx, and generally just enjoyed life.

Did I mention that was yesterday? Let me give you my list of today's not so greatness:

1. Daughter with ear infections. That's right, both ears infected and with perforated eardrums. Daughter who had a shot, antibiotic ear drops, oral antibiotics and drops for pain. Said daughter will now be known as Velcro.

2. Son who was picked up from school today as he has fever, cough and snotty nose and the desire to torture his sister in the form of not doing what she wants when she wants how she wants. (Did I mention that Velcro is a bit bossy today?) Also, said son just got a 5 minute time out in his room for throwing a fit when I told him no to going up to the shop to weld.

3. Grandmother & Aunt #3 in town to visit Mother. Aunt #3 is a pancreatic cancer survivor. While this is a wonderful and rare occurrence, this does not give her the right to make medical decisions for Mother. It also does not give her the right to tell Mother she should go to the beach when Mother is feeling tired & worn out. Grandmother is fine though.

4. Organic Buying Club Lady (hereafter known as OBCL) telling me that coffee & sugar are the causes of pancreatic cancer and that I should take Mother to local doctor for alternative healing through foods & biofeedback meridian line machine. Only $400 to start, including some initial herbal medications. Also, chemo should not be administered due to the harshness to the system. Um yeah, it's harsh - cancer is harsher.

5. Last, but not least - FREAKING CRAYONS IN LAUNDRY! Now, please understand, this is the 3rd load, yes 3RD FREAKING LOAD, of laundry this school year that has gotten the waxy shit all over a WHITE load. White freaking load, brown freaking crayon. Thanks be to whomever is responsible for Tide Coldwater & Shout. Thank you. And to the powers that be at the local school system who said to not buy washable crayons? Kiss my ass! Next year, if you want me to buy regular vs. washable crayons, you can by my year's supply of Coldwater Tide & Shout.

To those of you with sensitive eyes. I'm somewhat sorry for the language of this post, but not enough to remove it. If it offends that much, just move on to the next blog 'cause I really don't need you reading this one.

Take care - Me


Lo said...

I started to ask if I need to get you a new "soaking bucket" for laundry mishaps, but then I remembered that IT IS A WHOLE LOAD! I'm so sorry. The upside to the fact that this keeps happening at your house: it must mean that your children have inherited your artistic tendencies. Neither of the girls ever had a problem with crayons appearing in the laundry!

Marcus said...

Offensive language? Please. I talk like that in church. Language is a primary outlet for emotion, and it is more than appropriate that your word choice match your mood. And, anyway, you'll never reach the level of inappropriate that Irreverant Antisocial Intellectual has accomplished. And I just added her to my "Favorite Blogs" links!