Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mother, Balls and Teeth...

Well, we've gotten Mother home from the hospital. We brought her back last Friday. She's doing great, considering. Her attitude is positive, she's slowly gaining strength and she's still making plans to head to the beach soon! :) We take her back to the Main City next Monday for a follow-up appointment with the surgeon and we should find out more about the chemo treatments then. Again, I cannot thank everyone enough for keeping us in their thoughts & prayers. It is a physical presence that we feel.

Now, enough of that for this moment. The kids have started buddy ball this year. This is the step up from t-ball, where their coach pitches to them. Last night, the coach decided that Moosie should try to play the position of catcher. Now, please understand that she doesn't really care about catching the ball. Her interest lies more in talking to whomever is closest, be it coach, teammate, or player from the opposing team. She's even been known to talk to the umpires when the mood strikes. I honestly believe that she said yes to the catching position for the continuous change of talking partner in the form of batter. Bless her heart, I don't think she kept her eyes open at all the whole time. She just sat on her knees, held the glove out in front of her & kept her head turned away from the pitcher's throw. Of course, after that inning, she quickly informed her coach that catcher's position was not for her & I do think he fully agreed! :) He placed her out by 3rd base. Quite the delightful position for someone who likes to chat with anyone.

Rokimus got to play 1st baseman and did quite well there. He was able to get several outs, though at times he got so excited about getting them out that he forgot to throw the ball to the pitcher to keep the other couple of kids from making runs. :)

And last, but not least - Moosie has finally caught up with her brother in the toothlessness department! I give you the glorious lack of teeth!

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