Thursday, May 3, 2007

We interrupt our previously scheduled tearfest...

I'm in a better place now. I appreciate the ability to unload what's rambling through my inner system on here & I even more appreciate that someone is reading it. (Thanks Lo!)

So, in appreciation, I give you absolute sweetness! Of course, this sweetness came after last night's nightmare called putting the kids to bed. They were very reluctant to end their day, to say the least. In fact, I do believe at one point I was telling them they would be locked away in their room until the age of 40 if they were to appear in the hall one more time. Less than 2 minutes after that, this is what I beheld when guilt got the better of me. I wanted to apologize and tell them not until they were 40, just 20. ;)

Yes, they are asleep. Finally.

Yes, they are holding hands and yes, the close up is something to be treasured.

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Lo said...

Reminds me of seeing them napping as tots - once they were big enough to be in separate cribs, but the cribs had to be pushed together so that they could reach through the rails to hold hands. So sweet!

P. S. I'm certain that if a picture existed of you and Speedy sleeping as kids - it would look JUST LIKE THIS! It is amazing to me how much the two of them look like the two of you. (But then, I guess my kids look just as much like their parents!)